1. Why is there a on my website address?

    There is a because it shows people that on each website they can log in your website with the same username and password thats they made on any other site. If you want a website without, it cost 10.00 a month, and 100.00 a year. (But you've got to email us and give us your bank card number, etc)

  2. Are the websites on the "Webs Store" are only choices?

    Of course not! They are just examples of website I can do. If you want one of those websites, you can, but if you want to design me to design a website how you want it, just email me :^).

  3. Do you offer support to all the websites you sell?

    A. Yes, we have a free support and a special forum, in which all our clients, who are paying hosting to us, can write about their problems and within 24 hours they will be looked thoroughly and will get an answer.


  4. Why do you sell these sites if they are so profitable?

    We are a company which deals with web design and programming. Once we make the site function, we sell it and you determine the price. It is your chance to become an internet entrepreneur. It is not often that such well set up and functioning site appears on the market.

  5. Is the administration of the site an easy process?

    The site is very easy to run and does not require an experience.   We also provide a forum from where our programmers will answer your questions within 24 hours.

  6. Can you tell me what profit has this site gained during the past 6 months or a year?

    This site is new and it does not start working yet. After you buy a site,

    you could work it out and earn thousands.

    Imagine how each business how many investments needs in order to earn 10-20 thousand.

  7. What are the hidden costs?

    Surprise! There are NO hidden costs! When you buy a website, it's yours and if you want it to be upgraded, it will cost a little more. But, there are no hidden costs. TCP: The Company's Promise

  8. If I upload a store on my website, can I add and delete items?

    Yes, you can add and remove items from the site. This is done very easily.

  9. If I have a store on my website, and have members on my website, can the members put on items in the store?

    Yes, if they are members, it is free for them to add items to the store.

  10. On our online store, do we have a shopping cart ?

    YES. We try as much as possible to make sure your website looks wonderful  .

  11. Do you have any children websites?

    Yes, check out to see a example..

  12. Can we add music to our website?

    Mmhm, Yes.

  13. Can we but a background on our website?

    Yes,ill google "music notes" or "Dog'or anything else you want,i'll upload it, and 'abracadabra!' There it  is!

  14. Can we see an example of the websites Ubuyawebsite makes??

    Yes, of course, go to

    It is a website just like Facebook,but we made it for people of any age..

    Thank you for your interest.

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