1: You can easily change your template any time!

2:You can make your text bigger, Like on this one it says Buy-a-website, I can make it bigger

3: You can have a club website

4: You can have a shopping cart on your web store.

5:You can change your website address..

6: Color your font. (  Like this ) Or change the color on "Buy-a-website" From red, for example to aquamarine

7:You can sell stuff online

8: You can have a contact box

9:You can put photos on here

10: You can put links here

11:People can be members, login and make a member, like facebook. Profile and everything

12: If you want a calender, you can have it

13:You can have a news page

14: Can have a guestbook

15: You can have a FAQ 

16: You can have videos

17: You can have forums

18:You can have testimonials

19:You can put a "Like" Button

20: You can put a "Send to a friend" button